Harnessing Microbial Recognition and Host DefenseĀ  Responses To Fight Cancer

Manhattan BioSolutions is an emerging biotech company focused on the development of biologic therapies that target microbial recognition and host-defense pathways for the treatment of advanced, metastatic cancers. We develop innovative tumor-targeted agents that selectively destroy cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues

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Developing novel biologics – mAbs & ADCs that target immuno-regulatory receptors overexpressed in tumors. The ADCs are designed to selectively eliminate cancer cells via multiple immune-mediated mechanisms

Synthetic Microbes

The sMIST (SyntheticĀ Microbial Immune Stimulators) platform is based on genetically engineered microbes – “living drugs” that target mutated tumor antigens to induce innate and tumor-specific adaptive immunity

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If you are interested in exploring innate immunity and its translation into human therapies, or if your technology could advance the science, please contact us at ir@manhattanbiosolutions.com