Harnessing Microbial Recognition and Host DefenseĀ  Responses To Fight Cancer

Manhattan BioSolutions is an emerging biotech company focused on the development of biologic therapies that target microbial recognition and inflammatory signaling pathways for the treatment of advanced, metastatic cancers. We develop innovative tumor-targeted drugs that selectively seek and destroy cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues

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Developing novel biologics – mAbs & ADCs that target immuno-regulatory receptors overexpressed in tumors. The ADCs are designed to selectively eliminate cancer cells via multiple immune-mediated mechanisms

Synthetic Microbes

The sMIST (SyntheticĀ Microbial Immune Stimulators) platform is based on genetically engineered microbes – “living drugs” that target mutated tumor antigens to induce innate and tumor-specific adaptive immunity

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If you are interested in exploring innate immunity and its translation into human therapies, or if your technology could advance the science, please contact us at ir@manhattanbiosolutions.com