EVQLV and Manhattan BioSolutions Enter into Strategic Collaboration to Discover Novel Antibody-Based Therapies

New York, NY August 25, 2020—EVQLV, Inc., an artificial intelligence-enabled technology company accelerating biologics discovery, announced today a strategic research collaboration with Manhattan BioSolutions, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing next-generation therapies for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Through the collaboration, the companies will jointly discover differentiated antibody therapeutics for oncology indications.  This collaboration combines EVQLV’s expertise in AI-enabled antibody design with Manhattan BioSolutions’ expertise in development of novel oncology medicines.

Under the terms of the agreement, EVQLV will use its proprietary AI platform to computationally generate, rapidly screen and optimize fully-human antibodies against select targets. Manhattan BioSolutions will further advance the AI-design antibodies into preclinical studies.

In addition to the collaboration, Boris Shor, PhD, CEO of Manhattan BioSolutions, has joined EVQLV’s Scientific Advisory Board.

“We believe AI technology developed by EVQLV can enable efficient antibody design with dramatically shorter therapeutic discovery timelines,” said Dr. Boris Shor. “This also represents an exciting approach to generate functionally diverse antibody candidates with unique properties or mechanisms of action. This agreement aligns with our focus on novel therapies at the intersection of innate immunity, cancer and age-related diseases.”

Dr. Shor’s years of experience at large pharma and his keen understanding of the intricacies of biologics discovery/development will have an immediate impact on our organization,” says Andrew Satz, CEO of EVQLV. “We are excited by the collaboration along with the vision and experience Dr. Shor contributes to our team as we continue to build technology that bridges the gap between science and tech.”


EVQLV develops artificial intelligence, engineered with life science data and biological knowledge, to accelerate the speed at which biologic therapies reach patients. Comprised of experts in machine learning, molecular biology, computational biology, software engineering, bioinformatics, antibody design, cloud computing, and preclinical/clinical development, EVQLV is on a mission to transform how healing reaches those in need. For further information, visit www.evqlv.com.

About Manhattan BioSolutions

Manhattan BioSolutions, Inc (MBS) is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of immunotherapies that target innate immunity for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. MBS leverages two technology platforms for drug discovery: microbial based genetically engineered immune stimulator platform, and monoclonal antibodies against innate immune sensors that recognize pathogens or endogenous “danger signals” released as a result of tissue injury or inflammation.

EVQLV Contact:

Andrew Satz info@evqlv.com

Manhattan BioSolutions Contact:

Boris Shor, PhD | Founder | CEO ir@manhattanbiosolutions.com