Monoclonal Antibody-Based Therapeutics

Targeting Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRR) offers the potential to normalize chronic persistent inflammatory responses observed in some malignancies or improve defective innate immune sensing inside the tumor micro-environment. This strategy could be used to activate both innate and adaptive anti-tumor immune responses and treat patients who do not respond well to T- cell checkpoint therapies

Monoclonal Antibodies

We are developing monoclonal-based antibody therapies against previously unrecognized or unexplored members of PRR families exemplified by the Scavanger Receptors (SRs). SRs recognize a diverse variety of ligands including endogenous and modified host-derived molecules and microbial pathogens. SRs function to promote the removal of nonself or altered-self targets and thus play a role as regulators of tumor behavior and host immune responses to tumors

In Silico Designed

Our partnership with EVQLV enables the in silico design and computational optimization of antibody drug candidates with novel properties. State of the art machine learning algorithms run on the cloud are used to generate hundreds of humanized IgG variants that bind to a given antigen target with high affinity. This approach also leverages the latest Next-Generation Sequencing of Immunoglobulin genes to produce low- immunogenicity leads for therapeutic development